A Private Health Services Plan provides employers with a convenient way to deliver tax effective compensation, provide employees with greater flexibility, and cap service (through a defined contribution as opposed to a defined benefit).

Employees are empowered to select their own health and dental benefits. Successful plans increase employee understanding of their benefits. With these benefit packages, they select only the coverage they need. This streamlining process can lead to substantial savings for employers.

  • Tax deduction to the employer
  • Tax-free benefits to employees
  • Little or no administration for employer
  • No exclusions
  • Control costs – employer decides the potential cost each year
  • Flexible plans
  • Quick turnaround
  • Easy to use


Companies wishing to implement a Pay Direct Card have the additional advantages of:

  • Immediate payment of dental or pharmacy claims
  • Online access to monitor your company account
  • Online access for employees to monitor their personal accounts